evolution-sync-bluetooth manual


Image Types:
sdk-amd64 / target-armhf-internal / target-armhf / target-amd64
Image Deployment:


Synchronizing Bluetooth-paired phone contacts to Evolution.


  • A Bluetooth USB adapter.
  • A Bluetooth-enabled phone.

Pre Conditions

  1. Ensure Rootfs is remounted as read/write.
  2. $ sudo mount -o remount,rw /

  3. Install dependencies
  4. $ sudo apt install syncevolution syncevolution-dbus folks-tools libfolks-eds25 apertis-tests python 3.4 python3-gi python3-dbus telepathy-mission-control-5

  5. Restart the system to restore the filesystem state to read-only before running the test.
  6. $ sudo reboot

  7. Start simple agent:
  8. $ /usr/lib/chaiwala-tests/bluez/simple-agent -y

  9. Pair both devices initiating from the phone side
  10. Pay attention to the simple-agent window as it requires input during the pairing process.

Execution Steps

  1. Synchronize contacts from a second terminal:
  2. $ /usr/lib/chaiwala-tests/contacts/sync-addressbook.sh <Bluetooth address>

  3. The Bluetooth address is the MAC address of the device as seen in the pairing window (e.g. 12:34:56:78:9A:BC)


syncevolution should display the number of contacts synchronized from the phone in this last run.

folks-inspect should show the personas with their details grabbed from your phone.