eclipse-sysroot-management manual


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Test sysroot management and update within Eclipse. It will go through configuring an existing sysroot in Eclipse, and then updating it from the web with the latest version.

Pre Conditions

  1. Ensure Rootfs is remounted as read/write.
  2. $ sudo mount -o remount,rw /

  3. Install dependencies
  4. $ sudo apt install eclipse-cdt eclipse-plugins-apertis-management

  5. Restart the system to restore the filesystem state to read-only before running the test.
  6. $ sudo reboot

  7. There has to be a file available on the web with the name and URL of the latest available sysroot, to allow Eclipse to check if there is a newer version available. See the notes below.
  8. A sysroot image is installed in /opt/sysroot/apertis

Execution Steps

  1. Start Eclipse
  2. Go to Window > Preferences
  3. Click on Apertis
  4. Fill in Address with
  5. Uncheck Check SSL certificate errors
  6. Click on Apply
  7. Click on Update sysroot. The Update sysroot dialog should display the current version and the latest available version on the web
  8. Click on Ok. The dialog should close and the Progress view should display lower right corner of eclipse main window. (This might takes a while depends on bandwidth as the size of sysroot is around 600MB.)
  9. Click on OK
  10. Wait for the update job to complete
  11. Check the error log view for any problem


Sysroot has been updated to latest version configured in the web file. To verify, check /opt/sysroot/apertis/binary/etc/image_version for the sysroot version.

Error log view should be empty.


  • Make sure that you have disconnect the ethernet connection to the target before you start the tethering process.
  • The update process depends on a file available on the web that the plugin uses to get information on the latest available version. You should make this file available in a web server and point the 'Address to update' to it.
  • The format of the file is simple. Here is an example:
  • version=16.12 20161019.0


  • This file and the images to download can be in different servers
  • The images to use are the ones called sysroot-AA.BB-apertis-development_XXXXXXXX.X.tar.gz
  • For this test case be patient, it will take some time to download 600 Mbytes and install the sysroot.