eclipse-plugins-install-target manual


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Test copying files to the remote device from within Eclipse. It will create a dummy project and then create a configuration to copy the binary file to a remote device.

Pre Conditions

  1. A remote device with SSH access enabled
  2. Username and password for the device
  3. Check the IP address of the device, you'll need it during configuration
  4. eclipse-plugins-apertis-management version >= 1.0.4 package is installed
  5. If a proxy is set in Eclipse disable the same.

Execution Steps

  1. Start Eclipse
  2. On the initial workspace selection dialog, Click OK to select the default one
  3. First, create a dummy project to test. Go to File > New > C++ Project
  4. Project Name: testDebug
  5. Project Type: Hello World C++ project
  6. Toolchains: Linux GCC
  7. Click Finish
  8. Go to Project > Build All
  9. Go to Window > Open Perspective > C/C++
  10. Go to Window > Show View > Other...
  11. Expand Remote Systems, and select Remote Systems view. Click OK
  12. The Remote System view will open and it will show a list of connections
  13. Click on the New Connection icon on the toolbar of the Remote Systems view
  14. Connection: click on New...
  15. Select SSH Only. Click on Next
  16. Host name: the device IP address or localhost
  17. Connection name: remote
  18. Click on Next
  19. Click on Next
  20. Click on Next
  21. Click on Finish
  22. Select remote on the list. Click on the arrow on the left of the device to expand its items
  23. Click on Sftp Files to expand it
  24. A dialog may popup prompting for username and password. Fill in the fields and press OK
  25. Navigate to /home/user/. Right click to create a new folder, testSync
  26. Go to Project Explorer panel and select testDebug project
  27. Right click on the project and select Setup Install to Target...
  28. Connection name: remote or localhost
  29. destination path: /home/user/testSync
  30. Click OK. It will create a file named image.rexpfd in project testDebug
  31. Right-click image.rexpfd and click Open Remote File Exporter.... This will open up a window to browser destination folder.
  32. Click on Browser and select a destination folder.
  33. Click on Finish to copy the files to the remote device.


Files copied succesfully to the remote device.

Login to the remote device via SSH to verify it.

Post Conditions

  1. Remove the files from the device, so it's ready for the next test.