webkit2gtk-ac-animations manual


Image Types:
basesdk-amd64 / sdk-amd64 / target-armhf-internal / target-amd64
Image Deployment:


Test that compositing layers are created for animating properly.


  • A monitor connected to the testing target.

Pre Conditions

  1. Clone the tests repository from another computer (Note that the branch being tested may change depending on the release, please make sure to clone the correct branch for the release in question):
  2. $ git clone --branch apertis/v2019 https://gitlab.apertis.org/tests/webkit2gtk.git

  3. Copy the test directory webkit2gtk to the target device:
  4. $ DUT_IP=<device-ip>

    $ scp -r webkit2gtk user@$DUT_IP:

  5. Log into the target device:
  6. $ ssh user@$DUT_IP

Execution Steps

  1. Run MiniBrowser with the path of the HTML as argument:
  2. $ /usr/lib/*/webkit2gtk-4.0/MiniBrowser --draw-compositing-indicators=true webkit2gtk/animation1.html

  3. Verify animation match the reference rendering below.
  4. Either close MiniBrowser and run the following command, or just copy/paste the URI into the existing window:
  5. $ /usr/lib/*/webkit2gtk-4.0/MiniBrowser --draw-compositing-indicators=true webkit2gtk/animation2.html

  6. Verify animation match the reference rendering below.


In the first URI, the two squares will rotate for 10 seconds. While rotating, they should have a blue border, which indicates they are AC layers. The expected rendering can be seen in the following video:


The second URI will again show two blue squares. Both will move to the right and animate their opacity at the same time, so will go from blue to white and back. They should have borders while animating. The expected rendering can be seen in the following video:


If the result does not match the squares as seen in the videos above, the test has failed.


  • Not working under X11 or VirtualBox, see: https://phabricator.apertis.org/T2625