ofono-sms-send manual


Image Types:
basesdk-amd64 / sdk-amd64 / target-armhf-internal / target-amd64
Image Deployment:


Test sending of SMS with oFono.


  • A phone with a SIM card.
  • A modem plugged into the Apertis system with a SIM card (SIM card should not have a PIN configured).

Pre Conditions

  1. From a PC, download and unpack the test data tarball from the gitlab test repository:
  2. $ wget https://gitlab.apertis.org/tests/ofono/-/archive/apertis/v2019/ofono.tar.gz

    $ tar -xvf ofono.tar.gz

  3. Copy the ofono-* folder to the target device:
  4. $ DUT_IP=<device-ip>

    $ scp -r ofono-* user@$DUT_IP:

  5. Log into the target device:
  6. $ ssh user@$DUT_IP

  7. After log into the DUT, enter the test directory
  8. $ cd ofono-*

  9. Note that the tarball may change depending on the release/branch being tested, please make sure to download the correct tarball for the release in question.
  10. Connect modem with SIM card into the Apertis System.
  11. Do not connect more then one modem.

Execution Steps

  1. Send a SMS to some phone:
  2. $ ./ofono-sms-send.sh phone-number "test message"


If no error appears the SMS was successfully sent.

The phone is supposed to receive the SMS message.