apertis-update-manager-ota-api manual


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Test the apertis-update-manager API for updates over the air.


  • The DUT u-boot environment must be clean: in u-boot, run: `env default -a` followed by `saveenv`
  • A PC must be connected to DUT serial port
  • The DUT must be connected to network

Execution Steps

  1. Check the initial deployment
  2. $ sudo ostree admin status

  3. Prepare the copy of commit and deploy to allow the upgrade to the same version
  4. Command below shows you an initial commit ID, for instance
  5. $ export BOOTID=$(sudo ostree admin status | sed -n -e 's/^\* apertis \([0-9a-f]*\)\.[0-9]$/\1/p'); echo $BOOTID

  6. Get the Collection ID and ref
  7. $ export CID=$(sudo ostree refs -c | head -n 1 | tr -d '(),' | cut -f 1 -d ' '); echo COLLECTION_ID=$CID

    $ export REF=$(sudo ostree refs -c | head -n 1 | tr -d '(),' | cut -f 2 -d ' '); echo REF=$REF

  8. Create the commit with changed timestamp to allow upgrade with recent update file
  9. $ export NEWID=$(sudo ostree commit --orphan --tree=ref=$BOOTID --add-metadata-string=ostree.collection-binding=$CID --bind-ref=$REF --timestamp="1 year ago"); echo "New commit: $NEWID"

  10. Deploy the prepared commit
  11. $ sudo ostree admin upgrade --allow-downgrade --deploy-only --override-commit=$NEWID --reboot

  12. Wait until the system is booted again and check the deployment
  13. $ sudo ostree admin status

  14. The booted commit (started with '*') must have ID which we prepare and the initial commit ID should be marked as '(rollback)'
  15. Remove the initial deployment
  16. $ sudo ostree admin undeploy 1

  17. Reboot the system
  18. Check the current deployment
  19. $ sudo ostree admin status

  20. Start the user interface agent with mode preventing automatic system reboot after update
  21. $ sudo updatectl --register-upgrade-handler &

  22. Enable network updates with CLI tool
  23. $ sudo updatectl --check-network-updates

  24. Check that the user interface agent reports the pending update
  25. ** Message: 21:31:26.117: Network connected: Yes

    ** Message: 21:31:26.123: Upgrade status: Checking

    ** Message: 21:31:28.057: Upgrade status: Downloading

    ** Message: 21:31:51.170: Upgrade status: Deploying

    ** Message: 21:32:11.879: An upgrade is pending

  26. After the update, the device does *not* reboot automatically
  27. Check if there is pending deployment and reboot the DUT
  28. $ sudo ostree admin status

    $ sudo reboot

  29. Check the current deployment has been updated and that the rollback entry points to the prepared deployment
  30. $ sudo ostree admin status

  31. Start the user interface agent
  32. $ sudo updatectl &

  33. Enable network updates with CLI tool
  34. $ sudo updatectl --check-network-updates

  35. Check that the user interface agent reports the system is up to update
  36. ** Message: 21:47:11.501: Network connected: Yes

    ** Message: 21:47:11.508: Upgrade status: Checking

    ** Message: 21:47:13.079: Upgrade status: Downloading

    ** Message: 21:47:13.080: System is up to date


CLI utility `updatectl` is able to interact with Apertis update manager

The OTA update was properly applied