iptables-basic automated


Image Types:
basesdk-amd64 / fixedfunction-armhf / fixedfunction-arm64 / fixedfunction-amd64 / hmi-armhf / hmi-amd64 / sdk-amd64
Image Deployment:


Network connection management: ensuring that iptables is available and usable is part of strategic networking management functionality.

Pre Conditions

  1. Clone the tests repository from another computer (Note that the branch being tested may change depending on the release, please make sure to clone the correct branch for the release in question):
  2. $ git clone --branch apertis/v2024dev2 https://gitlab.apertis.org/tests/iptables-basic.git
  3. Copy the test directory iptables-basic to the target device:
  4. $ DUT_IP=<device-ip>
    $ scp -r iptables-basic user@$DUT_IP:
  5. Log into the target device:
  6. $ ssh user@$DUT_IP

Execution Steps

  1. Enter test directory:
  2. $ cd iptables-basic
  3. Execute the following command:
  4. $ common/run-test-in-systemd --timeout=900 --name=run-test env DEBUG=2 ./run-test.sh


The automated test should succeed:

>>> Test setup successfully!

>>> Running test 'test_iptables_module' ... PASS

>>> Running test 'test_iptables_service' ... PASS

>>> Running test 'test_iptables_list' ... PASS

>>> All tests PASSED successfully!


  • Make sure that you have disconnect the ethernet connection to the target before you start the tethering process.
  • This test does not use nmap. Testing with nmap is done in another test.